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                                          Dear Members of Moove.com 

I apologize but we ran into a problem with Media fire.  They claimed that a actor (created by myself) ‘’’Karyn_Zip’’’ violated their TOS  and due to my lack of understanding their complicated English words (I am Danish) and them not being willing to help me file a counterclaim,  or even respond to a dear friend who was trying to help translate for me.  They have now removed all our links along with some of my sis Rastagirl’s links that was hosted on my site. I am very sorry sis…

So all links on this website do no longer exist L

I have stated public that it’s okay to share my own items, and the items that I have created for The Foundation, with one another (from actor to actor) I however do not wish to see them on another website… unless it is agreed by me. This website will be working again when my health allows me.. Until then the help pages are still very much working, as well as of cause we still help where we can with memberships, All you need to do is read The Foundations own nick-page and contact us there… So it is only our links that no longer work… If there is something you really want, then try to send me a msg. in Moove and I will see if I can find it on my computer and email it to you… for free of cause.

Blessings  Madam Moove


                           FEMALE ACTORS






































 My actors are made with help from my sweet sister *rastagirl* and support from succubu5.

tthank you, you girls are awesome.





 I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)

                           FEMALE ACTORS

                                ♥Cant fit shoes?

If anyone had a problem with fitting shoes on my female actors, then here is a update. Just add this outfit file to your 'undressed' actor, save her and it should be fixed.

Thank you to Succubu5, you always save me when I am lost *smiles

        update to mam tan feet

    update to mam mariko feet

       update to mam dark feet

 fancy62-1.gif image by Madam_Moovefancy62-1.gif image by Madam_Moove