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            ♥ Custom Actors ♥

i love to make custom actors, and to see a actor develope from what a member tells me or shows me by a picturs to becomming the actor they wanted. That is my favorit part. *smiles

I can take from a day to weeks for me to make something custom, it depends on what it is, as well as how many I got waiting and how I am feeling in real. If you have not heard from me in one to two weeks please do msg me. as I sometimes forget things because of my medicin. I do try to keep up thou. *smiles

Here is posted my requests if you want a custom actor, these are the things I will need to know about.

when I make a cusom actor these steps are important to me
(this is my standard requests)

that I get as much info as possible on the actor
(a picture of someone is very much appriciated)
lips (colors, shapes etc)
everything about the face in general

that you tell me 100% what you like and do not like
cause the actor got to fit your needs and not mine *smiles
and I do not take it as critisme if you tell me, that you dont like the shape of the lips or something else.
cause it makes it easier on me, if i know exately what you want and like.

I will send a picture now and then to show you what I have done, and from that one I need some respons as what to do next.
I also need the *private part* info.. as detailed as possible.. Now dont be shy *giggles
cause whats said between you and me stayes between you and me. *promises

4. (for females mostly)
I sometimes make two different actors when I make custom actors.. I make the one to dress and then a naked *fun* one
that one has more naked 'details' and wont work to well with most clothes, so that one is only for the naked fun part.
let me know if you want this one as well.

I can not add something to the actor, what I do is drawn onto the actor only.
I can add hair thou, I have been given permission from some awesome designers to use their hair.
but I can not give you the hairfile itself, I can just add it to the actor. as it is not my designs so I can not give it out.
But I can always tell you where to get it..

Basicly I just need as much info as possible.. and if you come to think of more, then just send me a msg.
I am online a lot and will check my msg as often as possible..
sometimes it will take a while for me to make a custom actor cause I got my hands full with making actors,or am sick,
but if it takes more that a week or two, please msg me back cause I am sick in real and sometimes forget things..
I apoligise if I have forgotten you *smiless
Blessings Madam

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Here is a few of the actors I have made for members, only to show what I do (these can not be brought). If I make you a custom actor, you will not meet someone that looks like you in Moove.. And once you have recived the actor, it is yours to do whatever you want with, give it out.. anything you like to *smiles

On a custom actor you can deside on makeup, beard, lips, eyes etc etc etc.. and come to look just like you want to.. I can paint on the face.. but I can not add something to the face (Im not that smart yet *giggles)

A custom actor usually cost 5000 c's... but... and yes there is a but..   I only charge to benifit the foundation, so if you want a custom actor and can not afford it, just send me a message and I will ofcause make it for you..

Me, myself and I *smiles




My actors are made with help from my sweet sister *rastagirl* and support from succubu5. thank you, you girls are awesome.  

 I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)